Cross-Chain Tracker: Tracking with Dexfolio

Posted on
Oct 19, 2021

The user experience has often been sadly lacking, with problematic code, wallet and chain limitations, and meaningless alerts. Time-consuming and tedious, the previous generation of apps were never built with the needs of cryptocurrency traders in mind. Most are not mobile-friendly and are best suited to desktop use, while the problem of manual entries for each coin is a time drain.

What is DeFi?

DeFi refers to decentralized finance, financial services available on decentralized platforms. This means that they are not controlled or managed by a single entity, as are banks, but are built on publically available IT protocols. The DeFi niche is all about decentralization as opposed to crypto trading on centralized exchanges. Built around non-custodial financial products, it is both lucrative and risky, and has been at the heart of hot market activity in recent times.

Creating the Best User Experience in the Decentralized Finance Space

DeFi tracking with Dexfolio aims to change the problems in the marketplace with a sleek UX/UI design built by crypto traders for crypto traders. Extensive community consultation has allowed us to understand what traders want and what is lacking in the current market offering. Our focus has been to put people first, resulting in an application that is user-focused from top to bottom.

Written by
Ben Sash

Ben Sash is the founder and CEO of Dexfolio, the company behind the industry-leading cryptocurrency tracking app.

Ben has led the development and design of digital products for over six years in his various roles with prominent e-commerce brands.

With his experience in leadership, product design, and agile development, Ben has built an unstoppable team and compiled the vision for Dexfolio to shape the industry and become a leader in its sector.